10 seconds after detonation

map legend - psi table

Blast Wave

This band extends out to a 2.5 mile radius and has an overpressure at the outside edge of 2 psi. Reinforced structures will receive varying amounts of damage, with those buildings at the edge being almost completely undamaged. Wood and brick buildings will receive moderate amounts of initial damage, with the damage becoming less significant at the outside edge of the ring.


An estimated 235,000 people (15%) will be fatalities in this ring, with another 525,000 injured to varying degrees. No injuries will be due directly to the blast overpressure. However, the thermal pulse will still be sufficient to kill or incapacitate those not indoors or otherwise protected. The degree of injury from the thermal pulse will depend greatly on clothing and skin color. Darker clothing and skin will absorb more of the energy, giving a more severe burn. The material type and thickness will also determine the severity of burns from the thermal pulse.

Thermal Effects

The possibility of delayed damage due to fire is very real in this band. The energy in the thermal pulse will still be sufficient to start combustible materials on fire, yet the overpressure and accompanying wind will be less likely to put out these fires. If only a small percentage of the buildings start on fire many may be damaged as the fire spreads out of control since the capability to fight fires will be non-existent. It may be 24 hours or more before the resources are available to even begin to fight fires.