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This website was created for students, educators, and the general public to understand the science, history and consequences of the atomic age.

We wanted to bring forward a large collection of digital assets, such as original texts, eyewitness accounts, rare photographs, videos and full color maps. This site a member of the Nuclear Pathways project, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation's National Science Digital Library effort. Nuclear Pathways' goal was to make information on historic and current nuclear issues more accessible and comprehensible to the public, educators, and students from middle school through graduate programs.

The project's entire history is chronicled here.

About The Creators

This site was built by AJ Software & Multimedia, the team that runs atomicarchive.com, a leading website on the science, history and consequences of the atomic age.

AJ Software & Multimedia is a small design studio located in San Diego, California and founded by Chris Griffith. Over the years, we have developed a variety of multimedia products for such clients as Presto Studios, Blue Byte, Interplay, Bandai Entertainment and Performance Digital Laboratories. Learn more about us visit aj-software.com/


  • Producer/Technical Lead: Chris Griffith
  • Editor: Carrie Rossenfeld
  • Author/Content Expert: Chris Griffith

Some content was originally from Argonne National Laboratory, White Sands Missile Range Public Affairs, Department of Energy: Office of History and Heritage Resources, nuclearweaponarchive.org, and the National Resources Defense Council. Used by permission.

Addition content has been converted from non-digital media, and the original sources credited. /p>

Photo Credits

Photographs used on this site are from:

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • National Archives
  • US Army
  • US Air Force
  • Department of Energy
  • White Sand Missile Range
  • American Institute of Physics - Emilio Segré Visual Archives

Video Credits

From the CD-ROM, Atomic Archive: Enhanced Edition.

  • Visual Concept Entertainment
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • National Archives


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