Oppenheimer's Travel Guidance

- Gen. Leslie Groves

July 29, 1943.
Dr. J. R. Oppenheimer
P. O. BOX 1663
Santa Fe. New Mexico

Dear Dr. Oppenheimer:

. . . It is requested that:

(a) You refrain from flying in airplanes of any description; the time saved is not worth the risk.

(b) You refrain from driving an automobile for any appreciable distance (above a few miles) and from being without suitable protection on any lonely road, such as the road from Los Alamos to Santa Fe. . . .

(c) . . In driving about town a guard of some kind should be used, particularly during hours of darkness. The cost of such guard is a proper charge against the United States.

I realized that these precautions may be personally burdensome. . .




L. R. Groves
Brigadier General, C. E.