Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers

by Nick J. McCamley

Reviewed April 15, 2004

Book CoverAlthough many Americans are familiar with such installations as Cheyenne Mountain, it was not until the secret bunkers at the Greenbriar Resort were revealed that an extensive network of assets developed by the US and Britain in preparation for a nuclear attack was openly discussed.

Nick McCamley attempts to document these locations in his book, Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers. Unfortunately the book is very unbalanced and reads unevenly. In addition, the book is also marred by errors, mostly minor. His treatment of North American installations lacks the thoroughness of his coverage of British installations. The author has spent considerable time in his UK research. These sections do provide an interesting glimpse into the efforts that a small nation was willing to undertake in a fruitless attempt to survive a major nuclear strike. The book is worth having in your collection for this information.

I hope Mr. McCamley can offer a new edition under a good editor's guidance and expand the book to include the extensive installations developed in North America.