Face to Face with the Bomb: Nuclear Reality after the Cold War

by Paul Shambroom, Richard Rhodes (Introduction)

Reviewed April 15, 2004

Book CoverMore than ten years have passed since the end of the Cold War, yet some 30,000 nuclear weapons remain. The United States alone posses more than 10,000. In Face to Face with the Bomb, photographer Paul Shambroom expertly documents the elements of America's nuclear arsenal. His photographs capture the striking reality of our nuclear armed world. Over the course of nine years, he was able to gain access to a variety of top secret locations. These unprecedented images peer into our nuclear infrastructure.

Full color prints display a range of subjects ranging from the day to day maintenance of the nuclear deterrent, the command and control centers, to the men and women who work in this complex environment. Mr. Shambroom's prologue is a wonderful account of his efforts to obtain these incredible images. An introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Rhodes provides a historical context of the nuclear arms race. This book is a visual masterpiece, offering a view into a world that most will never see.