Hiroshima by Hiromi Tsuchida

Hiroshima is an on-going project by the Japanese photographer Hiromi Tsuchida. Part of a large body of this work is presented in this archive with the artist's permission.

In May of 1997, thanks to Mr. Tsuchida's continued effort to persuade the museum, we obtained approval from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for the use of his photographs of the museum's artifacts ("Hiroshima Collection") for this archive. We are proud to present his Hiroshima work in a complete set.

Part 1: Hiroshima Monument

In 1979, Tsuchida recorded trees, bridges, and buildings that survived the bombing in the city of Hiroshima. These items were situated in the postwar surroundings. (Today, some of them have been removed.).

Part 2: Hiroshima 1945-1979

Portraits of survivors of the atomic explosion who contributed to the book Children of the Atomic Bombing were published in 1951 by Iwanami-Shoten, Tokyo, along with accounts of their experiences on the morning of the bombing. Quotations from the book accompany their portraits here in this archive.

Part 3: Hiroshima Collection

This is a record of articles from the collection at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Accompanying texts include descriptions of the objects and their owners.