January 19, 2007

Nuclear Power Workshop for educators

Washington & Lee University and the Council on Foreign Relations will sponsor an interdisciplinary workshop for educators on the role of nuclear power in meeting future U.S. energy requirements. The workshop will be held June 20-24, 2007, on the campus of Washington & Lee in Lexington, VA. Experts in science, technology, economics, regulation, and proliferation will provide information and insights to address the deliberations surrounding this energy source. The presenters representing different positions on scientific and policy issues associated with this important question will be announced in early 2007. Time will also be dedicated to the presentation of these issues in a variety of educational environments. Stipends will be available to participants for travel and living expenses. For more information contact Ms. Lynda Bassett-deMaria (Bassett-deMariaL@wlu.edu). For details of the agenda see http://npw.wlu.edu

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