October 28, 2009

Tourist Trip To Halabiye

From ArmsControlWonk

As you might know, close to the reactor there is an old Byzantine fortress called Halabiye (Frank Pabian mentioned it in his presentation). Tourists only seldom visit Halabiye, but still some travel-guides mention it, so a visit to the fortress was not too obvious. I tried to see how close I could get to the reactor, in the end I was 1.5 km away.


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September 11, 2009

August 2009 IAEA Reports on Iran, Syria

August 2009 IAEA Reports on Iran and Syria. Commentary available at armscontrolwonk.com

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June 02, 2008

Syria to allow probe of alleged nuclear site

Syria will allow in U.N. inspectors to probe allegations that the country was building a nuclear reactor at a remote site destroyed in an Israeli airstrike, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday. [via Yahoo! News]

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May 15, 2008

ISIS: Box on the Euphrates report

ISIS have released an impressive and comprehensive report detailing the deception techniques used by the Syrians for the Box on the Euphrates.

A good discussion thread is over at armscontrolwonk


October 26, 2007

Clean Up in Desert

New satellite imagery show that a Syrian site believed to have been attacked by Israel last month no longer bears any obvious traces of what some analysts said appeared to have been a partly built nuclear reactor.

"It took down this facility so quickly it looks like they are trying to hide something," said David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security, which analyzed the images.

An image taken Wednesday by a DigitalGlobe commercial satellite shows tractors or bulldozers and scrape marks on the ground where the building stood in photos taken prior to the September Israeli attack. The Syrians reported an attack by Israel in early September; the Israelis have not confirmed that.

Now that the site has been razed, it is going to be harder to figure what was there...

Arms Control Wonk
New York Times

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October 18, 2007


Jeffery weighs in on the recent Israeli attack on 'something' in Syria. As always, a good read @ armscontrol.wonk

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