April 27, 2007

Physicists, the Bomb & the Development of US Science Policy

I am planning on attend a lecture on the campus of UCSD entitled "Physicists, the Bomb & the Development of US Science Policy " Here is the description of the event. If you are in the southern California area, you might want to attend.

A discussion with UCSD physics professors Herbert York, UCSD's first chancellor, and Marvin “Murph” Goldberger, former president of Caltech, about their personal recollections of the major figures in 20th century physics and the development of science policy since the Manhattan Project. Moderated by Mark Thiemens, dean of the Division of Physical Sciences, and filmed for later broadcast on UCSD-TV.

The event is free and open to the public. A reception will follow. Please rsvp attendance.

PARKING: Parking located across from theatre; lots P102, P103, & P104. Parking permit required; issued by UCSD Parking Attendants, prior to event. Parking fee $3.00.

For more information, click go to http://physicalsciences.ucsd.edu/development/newsletter/issues/0704/0704.calendar.htm

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