March 19, 2008

2020 Vision Campaign

The 2020 Vision Campaign was launched in 2003 by Mayors for Peace, an international association led by the Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The purpose of the campaign is to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020. We have been quite successful at the UN and mayoral levels, but in order to succeed with our ambitious goal we absolutely must extend the campaign to the grassroots level. To do that, we need to raise more money for the campaign than Hiroshima and Nagasaki can provide on their own. Amazingly, the two A-bombed cities have donated more than a quarter of a million dollars each year to Mayors for Peace!

At present, Mayors for Peace has more than 2020 member cities in 127 countries. If we could raise a mere 1000 dollars from each member city, we would have $2 million. With that, we could greatly increase our capacity to raise public awareness and create the political will that just might prevent a nuclear catastrophe. Based on feedback from several of our 116 US members, we believe the most effective way to get 1000 dollars from each American city is for the residents to raise $500, then take that $500 to the mayor and ask him or her to match it. So, what we are suggesting is:
  1. Go to and find out if your mayor is a member of Mayors for Peace. If so, go directly to step 4. 
  2. If your mayor is NOT a member, contact Mihoko Ishizaki at: Tell her you want to approach your mayor, and she will send you a recruiting package. (You can decide together whether you want it by physical mail or email.) Please also contact Mayors for Peace U.S. coordinator Jackie Cabasso at: and let her know what youre planning. 
  3. Gather a small group of constituents, visit your mayor and ask him or her to join Mayors for Peace. My guess is that most mayors will say yes. 
  4. Fill in the application and get Hiroshima to send you the exhibition materials (A-bomb posters, CDs, DVDs and books). 
  5. Find a room or corridor or even an outdoor space where you can put up about 35 posters (each poster is 3 feet by 2 feet). Hopefully, the exhibition can stay up for at least a couple weeks, but even if you have to put it up and take it down the same day, it would make for a good event. 
  6. Choose a day, invite a speaker, invite a poet or musician, and hold a 2020 Vision Campaign Fundraising Party. Please feel free to contact Jackie for ideas. 
  7. If you can get 50 people to give you $10, or 100 people to give you $5, or five people to give you $100, you will have your $500. If you get a few more people to give you a little more, you will have enough to pay yourself back for whatever you spend on the party. 
  8. When you have the $500, contact us and we will give you a letter from Mayors for Peace to your mayor asking him or her to match your $500. Take your money and the letter to your mayor and ask for the match. We are quite optimistic that your mayor will be happy to give it to you. Then, send us the $1000, and your city will have done its duty for the 2020 Vision Campaign! 
For more information about Mayors for Peace and the 2020 Vision Campaign, please go to: and

Whether you hold a fundraising party, a peoples hearing or neither, please think of some way to use our exhibition materials to raise consciousness and help us protect our collective future. Detailed information about our A-bomb exhibitions and an application form are at: and Please help Hiroshima get this message out: What happened to us is so horrible that it must never happen to anyone else. No more Hiroshima! No more Nagasaki! No more Hibaksusha! The battle against nuclear weapons is one we can and must win.

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