December 23, 2008

Doctor Atomic on PBS

GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET launches its third season on PBS with the Metropolitan Opera premiere of Doctor Atomic, John Adams’ powerful portrait of the physicist presiding over the creation of the atom bomb, Monday, December 29 at 9 p.m. ET (check local listings).

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December 19, 2008

New Book - Defusing Armageddon

Intelligence historian Jeffrey T. Richelson has a new book entitled "Defusing Armageddon". You might recognize the author, he wrote Spying on the Bomb: American Nuclear Intelligence from Nazi Germany to Iran and North Korea. MSNBC has an article on the NEST team.


December 09, 2008

Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb

An interesting article from the New York Times about the nuclear proliferation from a more scientific point of view.


December 04, 2008

Video: Top Secret Nuclear Bunker

ABC News aired a segment on West Virginia's Greenbrier Hotel that housed a Top Secret Government Nuclear Bunker.

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