July 27, 2006

House Approves India-Nuclear Agreement

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to allow U.S. shipments of civilian nuclear fuel and technology to India. The Senate has yet to vote on plan.

Congressional action is needed because India built its nuclear weapons program outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which provides civil nuclear trade in exchange for a pledge from nations not to pursue nuclear weapons. [via Yahoo! News]
July 26, 2006

Cold War in South Asia

Here is great post about Pakistan building a new plutonium reactor over atArmchair Generalist. If you have not been reading this blog, then it is time to add your bookmarks.

New Look for Alsos Digital Library

The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues (http://alsos.wlu.edu) has a new Web face, improved features and an expanded set of annotated references. Initiated in 2000 as a component of the National Science Foundation’s National Science Digital Library (http://nsdl.org), Alsos has expanded its initial focus on the history of the Manhattan Project to Cold War and post-Cold War topics including nuclear power, nuclear waste, proliferation of nuclear weapons, and nuclear terrorism. It doing so, it has grown to include over 2,000 references, covering a broad spectrum of topics and disciplines associated with nuclear issues.

Among the new features, Alsos now assists users in locating materials with an improved presentation of popular topics. The results are sorted by relevance to facilitate selection of references from long lists, and online references may be accessed more directly. Finally, users can instantly find books, articles and films in libraries near them via links using the Find in a Library feature offered publicly by WorldCat.

As would be expected, users usually discover Alsos through search engines, which have extensively indexed its holdings. It is reached by many users additionally through links on appropriate pages of Wikipedia. Hundreds of libraries, college departments, secondary schools, research institutes, and professors worldwide provide links to Alsos for information about nuclear issues deemed relevant to many disciplines. Recently, Alsos has partnered with three other websites to integrate materials on nuclear themes on the Nuclear Pathways (http://nuclearpathways.org) project. Alsos provides bibliographies for specific topics for those content-rich partner websites.

The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues continues to expand its role as a useful source of references on both current and historical material by addressing the interests and needs of students, educators, practicing professionals, and life long learners. More specifically, the collection contains many references addressing current and historical contributions of chemistry to nuclear science and technology.
July 25, 2006

Libya Neared Nuclear Bomb, Qaddafi Says

It was the first time any Libyan official has confirmed that Libya had been trying to build nuclear weapons.

"It is true that Libya came close to building a nuclear bomb", the news agency quoted Mr. Qaddafi as saying in a speech to Libyan engineers.

"This is no longer a secret," he added, according to the report, "as everything was laid bare by the International Atomic Energy Agency." [via New York Times (registration required)]
July 24, 2006

Pakistan Expanding Nuclear Reactor

Independent analysts say Pakistan has started work on a new reactor that could signal a major expansion of the country's nuclear weapons capabilities, The Washington Post reported (registration required).

The paper cited in Monday's editions an analysis by the Institute for Science and International Security (pdf) that said satellite photos of Pakistan's Khushab nuclear site show construction of what appears to be a reactor capable of producing enough plutonium for 40 to 50 nuclear weapons a year.

Sneak Peek!

You might have noticed that I have not been posting new items to this blog that much recently. Well, we can now share a little of what has been going on. Here are some screen shots of some work that has been going on the nuclearpathways.org site. We are building a new search tool on nuclear issues. It has been a lot of fun developing. I plan to write a more technical post about it in the future on the information design and the back end development.

Look for an annoucement soon.
July 12, 2006

Iran dispute sent back to U.N. Security Council

World powers agreed Wednesday to send Iran back to the United Nations Security Council for possible punishment, saying the clerical regime has given no sign it means to negotiate seriously over its disputed nuclear program.

The United States and other permanent members of the powerful U.N. body said Iran has had long enough to say whether it will meet the world's terms to open bargaining that would give Tehran economic and energy incentives in exchange for giving up suspicious activities. [via MSNBC.com]
July 06, 2006

EU to reopen Iran nuclear talks

Rescheduled talks between Iran and the European Union on Tehran's nuclear program are set to start.
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, will meet the EU's Foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, for an informal dinner in Brussels. Formal discussions have been scheduled for next week.

Iran has yet to respond formally to a proposal put forward by the international community to persuade it to suspend uranium enrichment. [BBC NEWS]

Ok, why do I have the image of a scene from the Godfather in my head as they sit down for dinner?
July 05, 2006

Crash could set off nuclear blast

Trident nuclear warheads damaged in a vehicle pile-up or a plane crash could partially detonate and deliver a lethal radiation dose, according to a newly declassified report from the UK Ministry of Defence obtained by New Scientist.

Our example scenario of a submarine accident does not look nearly as remote anymore...
New Scientist


In case you were in your missile shelter, the North Korean missile tests did not go as smoothly as planned.

For some good thoughts on the tests visit: http://www.armscontrolwonk.com/1123/taepo-dud

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