Product Updates

A beta version of Atomic Archive: Enhanced Edition for Mac OS X has been released.

Download it here.

(This version is currently incompatible with Mac OS X 10.6 - Snow Leopard and later)

Known Issues

There is a known issue that scene transitions will not display properly.

Atomic Age

If you have just purchased an old copy of Atomic Age, you can download the program without the need to install an older QuickTime.

QuickTime Updates

For the latest version of QuickTime, visit

Help Downloading

The files that are provided here are in several formats that are widely used on the world wide web.

Opening .zip Files

After downloading a .zip file, you can use the PKZip or WinZip utility to access the file's contents. For more information about PKZip, visit the PKWare Web site ( For more information about WinZip, visit the WinZip Web site ( You can find PKZip and WinZip online at the locations below. These locations are subject to change.

NOTE: PKZip and WinZip are shareware utilities. If you use either utility regularly, you are obligated to pay a shareware fee to PKWare, Inc. (PKZip) or Nico Mak Computing, Inc. (WinZip). Read the license agreement that comes with the utility for more details.

Opening .bin, .sit, .sit.hqx, and .sea.hqx Files

After downloading a .bin, .sit, .sit.hqx, or .sea.hqx file, you can use StuffIt Expander or another utility to access the file's contents. StuffIt Expander is a free utility for accessing the contents of .bin, .sit, .hqx, and .sea files. For more information about StuffIt Expander, visit the Aladdin Systems Web site at

If you still have problems downloading a file from this page, contact us.

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