The Atomic Filmmakers: Behind the Scenes

Special Edition

PackageWith the end of the cold war, the story of the secret film studio in the Hollywood Hills can be told. It is a story of selfless dedication to country and outstanding filmmaking that resulted in some of the most stunning images ever recorded. Many of their most amazing images are featured in this fascinating production. The Atomic Filmmakers created a visual legacy that will be studied for years to come and will serve as an important reference for one of the most dangerous times in world history.

The Atomic Filmmakers combines interviews with members of this top secret film studio who photographed much of the original footage used in "Trinity and Beyond," combined with newly declassified footage of atomic tests, make this an unforgettable video and valuable companion piece to "Trinity and Beyond."

Atomic Operations depicted: Crossroads, Sandstone, Upshot Knothole, Plumbob, Hardtack, Dominic

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