Copenhagen (PBS Hollywood Presents)

Package Inspired by actual events which have baffled and intrigued historians for years, this Tony Award-winning drama by Michael Frayn (Spies, Noises Off) comes to life in this stirring presentation. At a 1941 meeting, two brilliant physicists and longtime friends, Denmark's Niels Bohr (The Crying Game's Stephen Rea) and Germany's Werner Heisenberg (The Road to Perdition's Daniel Craig), find themselves on opposite sides of World War II. Heisenberg's covert trip at great risk to see Bohr and his wife, Margrethe (Reckless' Francesca Annis), in Copenhagen results in disaster. Why did Heisenberg really go to Denmark, what did the two men discuss, and what happened during this pivotal meeting which became a defining moment of the modern nuclear age?

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