North Korea had put its atomic program on hold in 1994 but recently threatened to resume it if Washington did not deliver promised nuclear power plants. Under a landmark 1994 accord, the U.S. pledged to replace Pyongyang's graphite reactors, which are capable of producing weapons-grade material, with the safer light-water plants.

In a startling revelation, North Korea has told the United States it has a secret nuclear weapons program in violation of an 1994 agreement with the United States.

On October 9, 2006, North Korea announced it had successfully tested a nuclear device. Here is a Google Earth kmz file of the location. This information was produced by Dr. Jeffery Lewis at

On May 25, 2008, North Korea conducted its second nuclear test. It is currently estimating the blast's yield at 10 to 20 kilotons - comparable to the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We have collected a series of reports on this topic and will update this section as more information becomes available.

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