Nodong 1

During the last several years, North Korea has made substantial progress with its ballistic missile forces in the areas of research and development, testing, deployment, and, most worrisome, exports. Despite efforts on the part of the United States and its East Asian allies to constrain North Korea's missile development, Pyongyang continues to move ahead.

North Korea's Nodong missiles, with their 1,300 kilometer range, are capable of striking targets throughout the peninsula as well as in nearly all of Japan.

The Center for Strategic & International Studies,Weapons of Mass Destruction in Asia: A Quantitative and Arms Control Analysis

Height 50.8 feet
Launch Weight 56,262 lbs
Payload Single warhead 2,680 lbs
Warhead Conventional High Explosive, chemical, submunition or nuclear
Guidance Inertia
Propulsion 1-stage liquid fueled
Range 621 miles
Accuracy 9,842 feet CEP
  • Mission: Road Mobile IRBM
  • Development-Country-Name: North Korea
  • Deployment-Country-Name: North Korea, Libya, Pakistan, Syria
  • Development Year: 1988
  • Deployment Year: 1995(?)

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