Pakistan's Nuclear Facilities

Pakistan Nuclear Facilities Map

Chagai Hills

Pakistan's nuclear test site. First used on May 28, 1998.


Possible uranium enrichment R&D facility/pilot plant. Like many other sites in Pakistan, it is not subject to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Isa Khel Chasma

Large plutonium extraction plant, civil works complete, and a Chinese-supplied nuclear power reactor in early stages of construction.


Khan Research Laboratory. Enrichment plant designed to produce steady supply of weapons-grade uranium for nuclear devices.


Canadian-supplied nuclear power reactor.


Plutonium production reactor under construction. If completed, in conjunction with the plutonium extraction plants, it could create a significant inventory of unsafeguarded weapons-usable plutonium.


Pakistani Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology. Laboratory and a not-yet-operational plutonium extraction plant.


M-11 surface-to-surface missile storage facility.


Missile production factory.

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