Enola Gay Crew

Enola Gay Crew

[back row (L-R) ] Major Ferebee, Captain Van Kirk, Colonel Tibbets, Captain Lewis

Staff Sgt. Caron, Sgt. Stiborik, Staff Sgt. Duzenbury, Pvt. 1st Class Nelson, Sgt. Shumard


Crewman Position
Colonel Paul Tibbets Commander
Captain Robert Lewis Co-Pilot
Captain Theodore Van Kirk Navigator
Major Thomas Ferebee Bombardier
Lieutenant Jacob Beser Electronic Countermeasures
Sergeant Joseph Stiborik Radar Operator
Private Richard Nelson Radar Operator
Staff Sergeant Wyatt Duzenbury Flight Engineer
Staff Sergeant Robert Caron Tail Gunner
Captain Deke Parson Weaponeer
2nd Lieutenant Morris Jeppson Ordnance Expert
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