Nuclear Test Images

This section is a collection of various photographs of atmospheric tests conducted by the United States. These images were originally available from Los Alamos National Labs, but they are now longer available online. The Nevada Test Site also maintains a collection of nuclear test photographs. For additional photographs, visit's Gallery of U.S. Nuclear Tests.

Operation Year Location Photographs
Crossroads1946Bikini Atoll6
Ranger1951Nevada Test Site1
Greenhouse1951Enewetak Atoll1
Buster-Jangle1951Nevada Test Site5
Tumbler-Snapper1951Nevada Test Site4
Ivy1952Enewetak Atoll3
Upshot-Knothole1953Nevada Test Site5
Castle1954Bikini Atoll
Enewetak Atoll
Teapot1955Nevada Test Site7
Redwing1956Bikini Atoll
Enewetak Atoll
Plumbbob1957Nevada Test Site8
Hardtack I1958Bikini Atoll
Enewetak Atoll
Johnston Island
Hardtack II1958Nevada Test Site2
(with Fishbowl)
1962Christmas Island
Johnston Island
Central Pacific

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