Operation Tumbler-Snapper

1952 - Nevada Test Site

Operation Tumbler consisted of three air bursts conducted to gather detailed information about blast effects, the fourth test was also an airburst and technically part of both Tumbler and Snapper. The remaining four shots during Operation Snapper were tower shots and were weapons development tests of various kinds.

The Desert Rock IV field exercise was conducted during Tumbler-Snapper, with 7350 out of 8700 DOD participants conducting maneuvers in conjunction with test shots Charlie, Dog, and George, and observing during Fox. Although the radiation exposure dose limit was set at 3.0 rem a number of exposures in excess of that occurred - 48 with 3-5 rem, 9 with 5-10 rem, and 1 in excess of 10 rem (these exposures do not cause observable health effects, but do cause a small increase in cancer risk).

Source: nuclearweaponarchive.org

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