These videos illustrate the tremendous effects of a nuclear explosion.


Blast Wave
Blast Wave Effects Video
View the effects of the blast wave on vehicles.
Blast Wave on Structures
Nuclear Blast Wave Effects on Strucutres Video
Footage of the blast wave on structures.
Mushroom Cloud
Nuclear Mushroom Cloud Video
View the formation of the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion.
Mach Stem Effect
Mach Stem Effect Video
High speed video of the Mach Stem effect.
Thermal Pulse
Thermal Radiation Effects Video
Video of the thermal pulse igniting objects.
Thermal Pulse
Thermal Radiation Effects Video
Effects of the thermal pulse on various items.
Human Effects
Human Effects Video
Footage of the effects of a nuclear explosion on humans.
"Now I become death..."
J. Robert Oppenheimer's reflections
J. Robert Oppenheimer's reflections of the first atomic bomb test.

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