San Francisco Example: 24 seconds after detonation

2 PSI Map Overpressure Table

Blast Wave

This band extends out to a 5.8 mile radius and has an overpressure at the outside edge of 2 psi. Reinforced structures will receive varying amounts of damage, with those buildings at the edge being almost completely undamaged. Wood and brick buildings will receive moderate amounts of initial damage, with the damage becoming less significant at the outside edge of the ring. Many buildings shielded by the hills will receive little or no damage.


An estimated 35,000 people will be fatalities in this ring, with another 75,000 injured to varying degrees. No deaths or injuries are due directly to the blast overpressure. At this distance the fog attenuated thermal pulse doesn't even cause flashblindness.

Thermal Effects

Usually at this distance from ground zero, additional damage is expected from unchecked fires started by the thermal pulse. However, the heavy fog will attenuate the thermal pulse so rapidly that the only areas that are likely to receive enough energy to start exposed materials burning would have those fires put out by the blast a few seconds later. Additionally, the moisture from the fog will further hamper any fires from spreading.

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