Detoit Example: 8.0 seconds after detonation

5 PSI Map Overpressure Table

Blast Wave

In the band between the 1.7 and 2.7 mile (5 psi) circles, typical multistory buildings will have the walls completely blown out, but increasingly at greater distances the skeletal structure will remain standing. Individual residences in this region will be totally destroyed. Heavy industrial plants will be destroyed in the inner part of the ring, but some industry will remain functional towards the outer edge. Debris will clutter the streets from a depth of tens of feet in industrial areas to several inches in more residential areas.


In this ring about half of the population will suffer fatalities, with most of the remaining being injured. Most deaths will occur from collapsing buildings. Although many fires will be started, only a small percentage are likely to continue to burn after the blast wave passes.

The initial radiation would be lethal out to 1.7 miles, but be insignificant in its prompt effects (50 rems) at 2.0 miles.

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