DVD Projects

Recently we have been converting our aging video tapes to DVDs. We decided to have a little creative fun and design custom menus for each tape.

Here is a sample of our favorites:

Dark Horizon Menu

This is the menu for a program from ABC News.
It is styled on the show's graphics. I tried several different mushroom clouds.

Rain of Ruin - Nagasaki

This menu is for show about the bombing of Nagasaki.

Oppenheimer Menu

The History Channel's biography of Oppenheimer.
Oppenheimer's smile made this design work.

Race for the Superbomb

PBS' American Experience's program.
They have a great site and I used it as the basis for the design
This DVD did require the use of DVD Studio Pro.

The boy who stole the bomb

There was not a lot of good imagery for this program.
The Fat Man blueprint was a good option.

Dirty Bomb

The PBS Nova's show on the threat of Dirty Bombs.

Enola Gay

This tape is from the original exhibit of the Enola Gay.

Trinity: Ground Zero

Recreating the show's graphic design was fun.

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