Here is a collection of the various awards this web site and CD-ROM have been given.

Scientific American 2003 Sci/Tech Web Awards Even the most devoted Robert Oppenheimer fan sometimes needs some brushing up on the exact details of his 1950s trial transcripts before the Atomic Energy Commission. Good news: Atomic Archive is keeping close tabs on the minutiae of every last detail related to the history of the atomic bomb. From the fascinating (an intricately diagrammed explanation of nuclear fission) to the terrifying (an in-depth hypothetical example of what would happen if a 150 kiloton nuclear explosion occurred in New York City), the site covers all the bases. Science and history get equal play here--it's impossible to marvel at the wonders of physics without simultaneously shuddering at photos of mushroom clouds ballooning over Hiroshima.


Scinama Award


Pirelli Internetional Award

"For its contribution to the memory of mankind in such a delicate field such as nuclear energy, and its social value for future generations."

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